Ten Stones High – a simple idea, not always so easy to build.  Some stones lend themselves to being used and others are more of a challenge, but either way the final sculpture, albeit a temporary one, makes a statement of intent to reach towards the sky.  We all need to reach upwards, to make the most of situations, to take a moment to make something special.  A ‘Tens’ takes a few minutes to make, but lasts a lifetime in the memory, even if the sea, wind or rain topple them over.

If you fancy adding a photo (or slideshow of 3 or 4 photos) of your own ‘Tens’ then please message me via the contact page.  Let’s see how far round the world we can build these temporary little sculptures.

Kevin Alexander – the person behind this blog – is an artist who now lives in the Highlands of Scotland.  To see more about his other artistic work, see his art blog.

The first ‘Tens’ – the stone piles that started this all off.